A Pale Debilitating Autumn


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released October 1, 1994

Claudius Schwartz - vocals
Armin Rave - guitar
Holger Seebens - guitar
Rainer Landfermann - bass
Michael Pelkowsky - drums

All music and lyrics by PAVOR.

Produced by Rainer Landfermann and Bernd Gast.


all rights reserved



PAVOR Bonn, Germany

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Track Name: A Pale Debilitating Autumn
Branches swept aside
Prepare to override
And hasten past the trees
As Sorrow's growth entwines me
Conceiving to my cost
My bearings I lost.

Inscrutably pale, wondrous wood
Fraught with woes...

The glade…
Through lonely trees the wind moans
Romance in days of old
The house…
On a wooden roof the moss grows

And as I head into the wintry gale
Deeply inhaling the waves of frost
That have travelled far
Through countless forests

I taste the sudden inroad
Relish the wooden smell of witchcraft

At the mountainside I frown...

The harvest moon
Shines upon the early frost
Trees shed leaves in the piercing cold

Groan for an ancient moonrise
Knowing that these cryptic
Wounds heal slowly
Scars hurt horribly
I revel in endless regrets...

Seems to be hard to save his light
From the odious day...

Theft! My hollow throne purloined
Do I wander the forest to learn?
Track Name: Total Warrior
A hoarse moan blows steam into the dark
Leavening the night
With a regnant weaponed direness

As melodies of malady hover in the wind
Tunes that the weak chant for their divinity
A cadaverous silhouette moves

Infuriated by ingrowing scorn
Which evokes the urge to interpose
And ceases my tearful swoon

Imprecate upon their trust
Abstruse hate throbbing in my breast
Destined to erupt
Delights in mouldering charity
I submit to my wrath

I fleer at your god

Ominous steps of haste tread the ground
Into the brightness I scowl
Espy the last resort
Forth I stalk
To the source of my insurrection
Lecherously I desecrate the cross

Soon their eager quest for bliss will end
Their hopes will be fulfilled by my hand
I enthrone myself

Unclosed for their entreaty I storm...

Ebullition, ecstasy as my swipes hit violently
Boundless might the inner cause
Overflow them with my force
Their cries
Seem to be like hymns of adoration

Glare at the hell of the burning inferno
Adorning the night
And my glorious acquisition

I thrive within almightiness
But there will be no rest
Because in the distance
They ache for me to announce the truth
Track Name: Corpses
Crying for remission of sins
Inner fight against faith begins
Couldn't resist the temptation
Seduced by the need of the flesh
Obeying the merciful messiah
Who leads and controls their desires
To release them from disgrace and dismay
The bastards mustn't see the light of the day

Their sins will be confessed
And murders will be blessed
Absolved from what they've done
The truth is forever gone

Presented to the posterity
A pretended life of purity
Deceived by the fear of the god
Who loves them

Beneath the cross
And the place where they all pray
Innocent victims of lust will decay
Beneath the monastery
Brought to their tomb
Never to be found inside the catacomb

Secret love... Results rot to ashes
Born guilty... Prohibit to exist
Maintain the honour... The price is their death
Religious perversity... Blind and obsessed

Murdered at birth, entombed...
Slaughtered and sacrificed for their god

Crying for remission of sins
Inner fight against faith begins
Couldn't resist the temptation
Seduced by the need of the flesh
Obeying the merciful messiah
Who leads and controls their desires
Innominate corpses preserving the truth
Not supposed to be disentombed
Track Name: Careworn
Darkest green louring at me...

I fled into the mouth of the sultry swamp
Warm rain washed down my sweat
To the virgin morass
My feet sank down into the vegetable mould
As I hectically escaped
From a disenchanting sun.

Abrupt slope in a morose realm...
Where the cold is guarding me.
I'm freezing...
Can I refuse to bask in affection ever again?

Grim mass of unsettled hatred
Is benumbed by my depressive downfall.
I grope my way along a darkened profanity...

Meagre I've become
On my pagan meanderings
Murk obscures my inner moorland regions.
Track Name: Pavor
Oh life can't satisfy my pain and misery

Fear... demoralized
God... sends holy messengers
Cry... darken your life
Lost in the sphere, within no soul remains

Falling... in your sleep they lurk to haunt you
Bleeding... colliding with your soul and sanity

Your dreams increase their wrath to get you
Reality and sense of life will soon be gone

Haunted by the creatures
That were told to save your soul
Embodiment of evil's what you see
Trapped inside your world,
Pain no one will ever know
In the holy end your blood will flow

They are told to be merciful and so sweet
But now you must see, they incarnate
To steal your sanity

You're inferior and helpless
They will subjugate your needs

These nightmares of your death
Appear all night
And smash your beliefs with agony

And now... it might satisfy to dream eternally
Track Name: Imperator Of An Ashen Bane
I am a wolfish moloch
On a foray into ultimate woes...
Gaining on the dry cold of depraved lament.
The mopes are fadeless
Guarded by this sword of mine

I am a lordless monarch
With unmasked romantic views
Soured by chill since times long past
Unbowed within Frost's mirthless grasp

Cut down the raised hopes
Never wane, raw night of mine.

Noble storms maul with thornlike drifts
Besiege Earth's miscreant bequest.

A bulwark against vile incursion...

Wreaths of ashes encrust my reich
Hauled down in Destruction's fatal wake

Imperator of this ashen bane
To shield my empire from harrowing passion
And reminiscence.

Rending the light
While I brandish the sceptre
Embitterment will impel my frost-bound soul
To eradicate all life
With strong back-up
Of the mighty royal hordes.
And my baleful warriors
Rushing at weak benign foes
Trust in my blacksmiths' work.

Wild, mythic charm!
Dark emotions debouch in a prewar roan
Ulterior comrades-in-arms emerge
From the most remote antiquity
To mar massively
In this moonless inclement storm.

But Victory will be
Confronted with a grieved void...

So I reside in Rancour's umbrageous woods
And those poetic tears will never be mine.
Track Name: Fucked By Darkness
Insidious fog, draw near to shelter me
No single look shall penetrate
Into my reich of gloom

I absorb the morbid force
Of the turbid paleness

There is another world apart from mine
And only hate can sift to the other side
Slowly stiffness grows inside my inmost self
As my last "emotions" sink into oblivion

Delirious with rage
I can never be reconciled
With the paltry lives my hate reaches out for

For evermore my mental wounds are healed

Now I have the certainty
That the border will soon open
Impetuously craving for the total calamity

Unrelentingly I'll eradicate
Anyone who's opposed to me
Only my hostility exceeds my aggression

Overcloud their realm
With the darkness I was born in
Mastery is mine
And perpetually will be

There is another world apart from mine
And only hate can sift to the other side
Slowly stiffness grows inside my inmost self
As my last "emotions" sink into oblivion

Insidious fog, draw near to shelter me
And prepare me for the final storm
Track Name: Symbols Of Depravity
Humiliate the weak
Demoralizing ways
To destroy the soul you seek
A bestial behaviour
Deep inside the subconscious of humanity

The grief of the chosen victim
Creates hateful satisfaction
Even at the edge of sanity
No end of the terror's to be seen

Searching for oppressive ways
Symptomatic truth
The urge to mortify
Remains endlessly

Symbols of depravity
Penetrate their souls
Instincts of perversity
Lurk within their thoughts

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